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Seleceted and presented papers will be submitted for publication at LNDECT Series of Springer

Women In Research 2018

05 - 06 January ISDB-ACM-WIR 2018


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This workshop will provide a way to create an intensive educational experience and will offer participants a chance to try out new methods and fail in a safe situation.



Research Innovation Award
Best Paper Presentor Award
Qualitative Excellence Award


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    • Big Data Query Languages and Optimization
   • Big Data Analytics and User Interfaces
   • Big Data Indexing and Storing
   • Big Data Analytics: algorithms, techniques, and systems
   • Big Data Quality and Provenance Control
   • Social Networking Data Graph Management
   • Graph mining, analysis, and querying.
   • Visualization Analytics for Big Data
   • Big Data Searching and Discovery
   • Big Data Management for Mobile Applications
   • Scalability and Parallelization using Mapreduce and
   • Analytics for the Cloud Infrastructure
   • Analytics for Unstructured, Semi-structured,
    and Structured Data
   • Semantic for Big Data Intelligence
   • Analytics for Temporal, Spatial, Spatio-temporal, and
    Mobile Data
   • Analytics for Data Streams and Sensor Data
   • Analytics for Big Multimedia Data
   • Analytics for Social Networks
   • Real-time/Right-time and Event-based Analytics
   • Privacy and Security in Cloud Intelligence
   • Reliability and Fault tolerance in Cloud Intelligence


• Big Data Application Design and Deployment
• Data Mining Techniques: Clustering, Classification, Association Rules, Decision Trees, etc.
• Data and Knowledge Representation
• Knowledge Discovery Framework and Process, Including Pre- and Post-processing
• Integration of Data Warehousing, OLAP and Data Mining
• Integrating Constraints and Knowledge in the KDD Process
• Exploring Data Analysis, Inference of Causes, Prediction
• Evaluating, Consolidating, and Explaining Discovered Knowledge
• Statistical Techniques for Generation a Robust, Consistent Data Model
• Interactive Data Exploration/Visualization and Discovery
• Languages and Interfaces for Data Mining
• Cost Models for advanced applications and programming paradigms
• Reproduction of Big Data Experiments
• Big Data Data Mining Trends, Opportunities and Risks
• Big Data Mining from Low-quality Information Sources
• Big Data Analytics and Knowledge Discovery Tools
• Big Data Deployment Industrial Experiences
• Big Data Applications in Scientific, Government, Healthcare,
 Bioinformatics, Smart City, etc.
• Big Data Analytics Applications in E-commerce and Web Technology
for Finance, Healthcare, Marketing, Telecommunications, etc.
• Big Data for Intrusion/Fraud Detection
• Big Data and Business Process Intelligence (BPI)
• Big Data in Enterprise Management Models and Practices

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Proposed Speakers

Dr. Xin-She Yang
Editor and Speaker

Professor Middlesex University, UK , London

Dr. (Mrs) Janak Palta McGilligan padmshree
Public Speaker

Indian social worker and the founding trustee and vice chairperson of Jimmy McGilligan Centre For Sustainable Development.

Dr Dharm Singh Jat
Eminent with Distinguished

Prof Dharm Singh received his Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering from Faculty of Engineering, MLSU, India

Dr. Aynur Unal
Editor and Speaker

Strategic adviser and Visiting Full Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at IIT Guwahati

Mr. Aninda Bose
Senior Publishing Editor with Springer

Aninda Bose is presently working as a Senior Publishing Editor with Springer India Pvt. Ltd. Mr. Bose is part of the Global Acquisition Team at Springer and responsible for acquisition of scientific content across the globe.

Dr Samiksha Shukla

Dr Samiksha Shukla received her M. Tech degree in Computer Science and Engineering from RGTU, Bhopal and PhD degree in Computer Science Engineering from Christ University, Bengaluru.

Dr. Annapurna P Patil

Dr Annapurna P Patil is working as a Professor in the department of Computer Science and Engineering at M S Ramaiah Institute of Technology; Bangalore-54.

Dr. Bhawna Nigam

Dr. Bhawna Nigam received her B. E. and M.E. with honors in Computer Engineering Institute of Engineering & Technology (IET), Devi Ahilya University, Indore.

Dr. Minakshi Tripathi

Dr. Minakshi Tripathi has more than 10+ years of experience. She has completed in M.Tech., 2005, Computer Science & Engineering .,Bansthali Vidyapith, Banasthali and PhD in 2014, Computer Science & Engineering, MNIT, Jaipur.

Mr. Prajal Mishra

Prajal is a grad student at University of Texas, Arlington pursuing his Master of Science degree in Computer Science, specializing in the field of Databases and Software Engineering.

Our Committee

Our Committee Members

Advisory Committee

This includes:

  • Dr. Manjushree Bhandari
  • Mr. Kinshuk Trivedi
  • Mrs. Chani Trivedi

Program Committee

This includes:

  • Dr. Durgesh Kumar Mishra
  • Dr. Aynur Unal
  • Dr. Malay Nayak